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The online version of casino has made it popular

The old form of casino houses are now referred as the brick and mortar type of casino after the advent of the online poker games sites. Previously the various games of chances were played in the casinos which used to be located in the tourist destinations. The reason behind this mostly the people on holidaying were tempted to the adventure games by wagering. It is of course true that some seasoned and experienced players used to play due to addiction to the games of chances. But in general the mass was out of the reach of the casino games.

But when the hustler casino came into existence sometime in the year 1996 the suppressed desire of the general mass raised its head. Now it is possible for the people to play and wager sitting at home without the need to plan an outing and spend good amount of money. In the initial stage of course the online casino sites were not as equipped as it is now. There were few games and facilities were also restricted. But gradually seeing the potential of the online new sportsbetting business the few owners of the casino sites quickly understood the necessity of updating various provisions and incorporate different facilities for attracting the new aspirants. They also knew that very soon the competition in the business would be stiff. So they jump upon it by engaging the experts of the information technology and together they could develop the casino sites to a level which is more attractive than the brick and mortar casinos.

Today you will find innumerous online clams casino sites which have been estimated to be around 27 million. In the year 1996 the total wagering amount was around 17 million dollar. This wagering amount is now well over 3 billion dollar per year. If you look at the figure of spending in the online casinos you will be astonished to know it is over a trillion dollar worldwide each year. Only in USA the gamblers spend an astronomical figure of 6 billion dollars each year on gambling online. The advertisements relating to gambling is now considered as the fifth largest in the world of advertisements.